Juxly has successfully been implemented in the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) FHIR Endpoint Directory. 

This directory signifies Juxly’s status as a trusted FHIR endpoint partner, able to easily and securely establish connections with large health plans and payers.  

Springfield, MO, August 5, 2021 – Juxly, a leading provider of SaaS healthcare technology, today announced that Juxly Vault has been successfully added to the CAQH FHIR Endpoint Directory. 

The CAQH Endpoint Directory is a centralized directory that securely publishes verified FHIR endpoints, simplifying how healthcare organizations and third-party apps find and share endpoint information. Serving as a national source of truth, the CAQH Endpoint Directory reduces the administrative burden for users by automating manual processes and enabling compliance with federal regulations.

This solution allows payers to import information, including capability statements, and query payer endpoints for multiple use cases. The platform validates the identity of all payers and third-party app vendors, such as Juxly, and allows for connection requests between parties. By establishing and maintaining these connections, healthcare organizations can scale up their ability to exchange data in a standard format. This directory also confirms privacy and security attestations, privacy policies, and data use agreements on the behalf of Juxly. 

About Juxly

Juxly is a FHIR-based SaaS healthcare technology company based in Springfield, Missouri. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Howard Follis, Juxly aims to bridge the payer-provider collaboration gap by hosting reliable patient data in a straightforward interface. For more information, visit juxly.com.